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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Attack of the Mob

I had mixed feelings about the first game in last night's 1 vs. 100. The contestant was by far the most annoying guy they've ever had on there. Even the all-kid mob thought he was lame (some of the looks he got from the kids were priceless). I did like that they evened the tables on him by asking him some questions that kids are far more likely to know the answers to (like the Rugrats question).

I wanted to root for the kids throughout, but it started off rough, with that 11-year old "mogul". He was nearly as annoying as the contestant. Kids that pissy and rude usually get beat up a lot by their classmates, and I can imagine that kid will probably endure some wedgies when he gets back to class. In the end I'm glad he was eliminated rather early on. And what makes pencil toppers in the shape of bugs really an invention worthy of calling one a "mogul"?

I was surprised the first contestant missed the scouting question and even more disappointed because he would have been left with just five kids and we really would have gotten to a level we haven't progressed to in the game. Instead the 5 remaining kids wound up winning the largest individual jackpots (by far) of any previous mob, so kudos to them.

One thing that irked me...did they get rid of the effect where each eliminated mob member is counted out one by one? I'm all for speeding up game play but that was really one of my favorite effects on the show, and it doesn't really save them much time. Plus it reduces the drama level that much. All about balance, folks.


posted by Brad @ 6:05 PM   2 comment(s)