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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

College or no College

Welcome to another episode of Deal or no Deal 2007: The Heartbreak Year. 40 minutes we spend with a contestant who, to her credit, is not very annoying at all. Smart, friendly woman with a great cheering section and a darling little boy. With the board values doubled, the offers are good, and then better, and then, just as her safety net goes out, a fantastic offer: $170,000.

Enough money to put her son through college and start a business of her own, her lifelong dream. But hold on--we have her mother of all people telling her to go on?

Well, you can imagine how it turned out. Next offer is $7,500. Bye bye college, little boy!

Is anyone doing a psychological case study of this show? Are foreign viewers who see this show laughing at an American culture of greed? Am I spending too much time analyzing this?


posted by Brad @ 10:13 PM   8 comment(s)