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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kiss of Life

Must have been theme day on TPiR today, the theme being "Gold". First off we had a monstrous Golden Road win, first time I've seen that game won in a while. Even more interesting was the fact that the winner (a guy) gave Bob a peck on the cheek right before the reveal. That's always an awkward moment. The late Rod Roddy used to specifically instruct the audience prior to the audience, in regards to kissing, "But no tongues...and no guys." Bob didn't seem to mind too much though.

Then in the next IUFB, the dreaded gold bar one-bid prize, complete with that awkward disclaimer "The retail value is determined at the opening of business on the day of taping." They've been giving away gold forever it seems and I just can get why. The show's prizes and copy are scripted weeks in advance, so it seems awkward to have a prize where the value is unknown until right before the show starts.

The male kisses kept on coming in game 2, with the contestant (Cody) asking Bob to kiss his Plinko chip and then surprised Bob with another one on the cheeks.

Cody wound up being one of the most memorable contestants in recent memory. As over the top as his antics were, keep in mind (for all you prospective contestants out there), a lot of that is exactly what they are looking for in a contestant.


posted by Brad @ 10:40 PM   1 comment(s)