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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Last Wife Standing

Good 1 vs. 100 last night. I really like the Last Man Standing format. Not as a permanent change, but as something they can pull out of their back pocket for a special episode. Last night's episode was definitely exciting, and I was pretty ticked because I had every answer right up until that Larry King question. He's been married seven times? What the heck is going on there?? Crazy.

If I had any beef with the format, it's the fact that the King of the Hill (it really does seem a lot like Jackpot!, no?) is chosen at "random", and the "random" person happened to be Annie Duke? In this format the "1" doesn't have as much of an advantage as they normally do, but they do get a lot more time to answer than the mob members, so the choosing of this person should be based on something a little less subjective. Maybe the results of a quiz given prior to the show, with the highest scorer given the chance to be the "1"?


posted by Brad @ 8:21 PM   3 comment(s)