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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Specials Continue

Another serviceable GSN special last night. They're all kind of blending together for me, but I still watch them right when I get back from bowling, so something about them must be good. I was happy to see some rare Cullen Pyramid clips (where on earth did they get that episode??) and it was good to see Nipsey and Charles Nelson Reilly get the credit they deserve.

My only nitpick matches the one of the Greatest Moments special a few weeks ago, in that Chuck need not introduce each clip individually right before it happens, it's just a bit much. Most of the clips could be grouped in ways that he wasn't butting in every 15 seconds. That's not an issue with him, but more with the pacing of the special. It was also a little heavy on the Dating Game clips, but at least it wasn't the same warmed over Newlywed Game clips we've all seen 100 times.


posted by Brad @ 12:31 AM   2 comment(s)