Double Bullseye

1972 (retired)

Whatever this game may have been called, it goes down in Price is Right history as one of the most bizarre failures ever. It was the only pricing game that required two contestants to play! After the first player won his/her way up on stage, s/he had to wait for another contestant to be called down to contestant's row and win his/her way up to the game. Once the two contestants were in place, a car was offered, and the two contestants were given a range of the car's value. The contestants bid back and forth, with Bob stating if the car's value was higher or lower than the contestant's bid. The player who bid exactly on it won the car. A trippy game to say the least when you watch it for the first time. It was an attempt to improve on the impossible-to-win Bullseye I, and in doing so, was the only pricing game that ever guaranteed a winner.

Although the American version of this game died a quick death, the Australian Price is Right of the 1990s used a version of this game in its showcase showdown. On the Aussie TPiR, two contestants bid back and forth on the value of the entire showcase, and the contestant that hit it on the nose won the opportunity to play for the showcase.

Here's the setup of this doomed game. Note the Bullseye I-esque board. And yes, those are the showcase podiums being used again. Can you wrestle these keys away from the lovely Anitra? What is that she's holding anyway? A pillow?
Here's our lucky winner! She hit this in just three bids!