Cliff Hangers

1976 - Present

Cliff Hangers is a unique, fun game that is a favorite of most Price is Right fans. The contestant is shown a small, two-digit prize and is asked to give a bid on it. For each dollar the contestant's bid is higher or lower than the actual prize, a mountain climber moves up a scale towards the top of the mountain. If the contestant's bid is exactly right, the mountain climber stays put. The mountain climber can only take 25 steps before he falls off the mountain, so the contestant can not be off by a total more than $25 with his/her bids on all three prizes. If the mountain climber has not fallen off after the third prize is revealed, the contestant wins a bonus prize.

As the mountain climber moves up the mountain, a yodeling song that has become famous with the show is played.

Although it was not the rule from the start of the game, the value of the small prizes now increases from the first prize to the last.

Here's the rustic Cliff Hangers board back in 1976. It looks the same today! Check out the lederhosen on our mountain climber! I think he's the German cousin of the hurdler from Hurdles!
Here's the first small prize our contestant has to bid on. Could the producers have been any more vague than "products"? The contestant bid $30, the mountain climber stopped at step #3...
...because the products were $27. A very good bid! Look out below! The mountain climber is falling off the cliff! This guy bid $280 on a $50 set of jewelry. Ouch!