Gallery Game

1990 - 1991 (Retired)

Gallery Game was an, uh, interesting game that was introduced (and subsequently retired) in the 19th season. A four-digit prize was shown. In an "artist's rendering" of the prize, three of the four digits were painted on along with part of the fourth digit. The contestant used a paint brush marker to complete the partial digit. If s/he painted it correctly, s/he won the bonus prize.

To reduce the possibilities for the partial digit, a "distinguishing mark" of the digit was provided. For example, a curve towards the bottom right of the digit would indicate something like a "5", "8" or a "0" while ruling out "straight" numbers such as "1" or "7".

This game was about as silly as it sounds. It came complete with classical music and an elaborate reveal in which a curtain draped over the ARP readout was removed a la the introduction of a new piece of art. Sigh.

Gallery Game is one of just two pricing games introduced in the 1990's to be retired, along with the forgettable disaster called Split Decision.

Ooh! It's the premiere of Gallery Game! Gentlemen, start your fast forward buttons! Oh could it get any worse than this? She's playing for a hovercraft.
Hmm...that second digit could probably be just two things... ...she thinks it's a "3"...check out her "paint brush."
Here comes the exciting prize reveal... ...and she wins the hovercraft! What a tax burden!