Grand Game

1980 - Present

Grand Game was the second game on TPiR to be played for an all-cash prize and still sees frequent play to this date. The contestant starts with a bank of $1. Six grocery items are shown along with a target price for the grocery items. Four items are below the target price, two are above. Each time the contestant picks an item under the target price, s/he earns a "0" in the bank (i.e., the contestant's bank goes from $10 to $100 to $1000 to a possible total of $10,000). If the contestant picks all four items under the target price, s/he wins $10,000 in cash. If the contestant picks one of the items above the target price, the game is over. Should the contestant lose the game with $1, $10, or $100 in the bank, s/he wins that amount. However, when the contestant gets to $1,000 (when there is one good item and two bad items left), Bob ups the stakes. The contestant can quit and keep the $1,000 or risk it and go on for the win. If the contestant picks the final item, obviously s/he wins the $10,000, but if s/he picks a bad item, s/he loses the game and s/he loses the $1,000 as well!

The target price on Grand Game often shows as a sign of the times. For the first few years it was always around $1.15...these days it often tops $4.00!

Grand Game is the tallest game played behind the giant price tag. For several years, the game became obvious ahead of time because the flashing green sign could be seen above the top of the tag. To correct this "problem," the producers now position the tag so that the game board is completely covered.

On the 2002 Primetime Specials, Grand Game was played for $20,000.

Set Changes: The bank readout initially lacked a comma for $1,000 or $10,000 which is bad grammar of course! The readouts for the small item prices went from light green on dark green to green on yellow in the early '80s. Different graphics indicating a $10,000 win have been used as the show has evolved. Originally, huge "Ten Thousand Dollars" words would flash on the screen when the game was introduced.

What's poking over the giant price tag there? Note, this woman is a samoan. It's Grand Game! What a neat board!
This is an ep. from 1980; note the low target price. ...this was the last item she needed to win! The first $10,000 win on Grand Game!
There's famous Pauline, our first Grand Game winner, chasing Bob all over the stage! Bob came out unscathed and Pauline is $10,000 richer. Note the lack of a comma in the bank.
This graphic was around for most of the 1980's. To win that big prize, you're going to have to start all the way back at $1.00.
We're using yellow for the grocery item reveals now, and we have another $10,000 winner! They usually reserve this graphic for the Showcase Showdown.
Here's a 1999 ep. with Toaster Breaks Melts. They use this item at least three times a week! Here's the current $10,000 graphic; similar to the one they use in the Showcase Showdown.
You won't see this in daytime. Pretty chintzy graphic, considering the huge win.