Lucky Seven ($even)

1974 - Present

Lucky Seven has to be the most frequently played car game. The contestant is given 7 $1 bills to start the game and then must guess the digits in the price of the car. For each digit that the contestant's guess is away from the correct digit in the car, the contestant must give up one of the dollar bills. As long as the contestant has one dollar remaining after the last digit is revealed, the contestant can purchase the car with that $1. With the advent of five-digit cars, the first digit of the car is now offered free; on the nighttime specials in 1986, the last digit was offered free. This is the only pricing game in which a car is driven out on stage.

Lucky Seven seems to be one game that can be manipulated at the will of the producers. Sometimes all the digits hover around the "5" range, nearly guaranteeing a win. Other times, digits such as "1" and "9" will pop up which can kill a contestant who's playing the game conservatively.

For some unknown reason, if the contestant doesn't make it to the last digit, that last digit never gets revealed.

Set Changes: The setup started with an ugly blue motif with stripes. The stripes were gone by 1980. The entire outfit was updated to a sleek purple and yellow setup for the nighttime specials in 1986. Compared to other car games, Lucky Seven easily adapted itself for both four- and five-digit cars. The font for the digits changed for the 30th season in 2001.

Wow! Look at this beautiful Mercury you could win! Just be glad Janice didn't drive it into door #2... Don't spend those dollar bills all in one place!
She didn't heed my advice...she's lost before the last digit is revealed! The "1" killed her.. Here we have another loser...a "0"?? No one would have ever guessed that as the second digit.
Finally a winner! This contestant won with just $1 left. The stripes behind the numbers are gone, but the $ stripes are still there. Here's the current Lucky Seven (or is it $even?) board, in a four-digit format. This was yet another unlucky loser.
What on Earth is going on here? Well, this is a nighttime special, so he got the last digit for free. Then, when they were supposed to reveal the third digit, they revealed the fourth instead! Yeah, he won this car! This is the most expensive car EVER offered on Lucky Seven...and it was won! This $43,645 Corvette was given away on the 25th Anniversay Special that aired in primetime.
Ooh la la...a new Lucky $even font debuted in the 30th season.