STOP!, Look, and Listen!

The Pilot!

By popular demand! A clip montage of the pilot episode that got Press Your Luck on the air!

  Watch it HERE!

The First Day!

Things got off to an interesting start on the first PYL episode.  Look for the super choppy edit at the end of the clip...stop at a wham...what??  Watch it HERE!

Remember the Whammy's?

Forgive the typos, but this is the super unique commercial GSN is running to advertise Press Your Luck.  Operators are standing by HERE!

Whammy Packs!

Each pack contains video clips of five different Whammies!

Pack One -- see the Michael Jackson Whammy!
Pack Two -- see the bizarre Thanksgiving Whammy!
Pack Three -- see the Boy George Whammy!
 Pack Four -- see the cute Tap Dancing Whammy!
 Pack Five -- see the Cyndi Lauper Whammy!
Pack Six -- see Tammy Whammette!
 Pack Seven -- see the Tarzan Whammy!
Pack Eight -- see Surfer Whammy!
 Pack Nine -- see Weightlifting Whammy!
Pack 10 -- see Skateboarding Whammy!

NEW! Pack 11 -- see 2 *weird* Whammys!

THE Spin Battle!

No one will ever forget the famous spin battle between Cathy and Lori.  Over $50,000 was on the scoreboard...who took the money?  Watch it HERE!


Michael Larsen's Reign of Terror

Relive Larsen's amazing run with this three-part video series:

Part One, which shows highlights from the first half of Michael's game.
Part Two, which shows highlights from the finale of Michael's game.
Part Three, which shows Michael's post-game interview.

Two Tense Spins

Ruth needed $1990, Cindy didn't want to stop the board...find out what happened on their fateful spins HERE!

Two Great Contestants

Maari and Bob both squealed and shrieked their way to wins...and to pre-show highlight reels.  See their moments of agony HERE!

Crazy Karen!

Watch famous contestant Karen scream and holler her way to the top, and don't forget the notorious "Pool Table for Dan"!

Christmas Intro, With Clips!

Here's a neat combo...some older clips from the first year of Press Your Luck, followed by an intro to the show, with Christmas colors! Click HERE to see it!

Stop at...What?

Watch Peter get a little bit ahead of himself when he calls the board in this clip.  Watch it HERE!

RIP Wardrobe Man!

That's the shadow of Peter, mourning the death of the Wardrobe man, who apparently was eaten by a Whammy.  Click HERE to see this clip, which shows some cool close-ups of the game board!

Caroling Whammies??

The last thing you want to show up at your door on Christmas Eve is a bunch of caroling HERE so you can be on guard next December 24th!

It's Daffy Duck!  No it's Not!

One of the more notable gaffs in PYL history was this question: Which Looney Toons character was famous for saying, "Suffering Succotash!"  When the show provided the wrong answer, animation voice extraordinaire Mel Blanc called in to set the record straight!  Watch it all HERE!

No Bucks, Big Whammies!

Is this the beginning of the game, or end of the game?  Watch HERE to see a most unlikely Press Your Luck moment!

Morning Chief!

What to do, What to do??  The Chief Whammy has too many prizes in the warehouse.  Will he be forced to let some of the Whammies go?  Find out in this video which aired occasionally when episodes ran a bit too short.  Watch it HERE!

Second Chance

Watch three minutes of highlights from the pilot that eventually led to Press Your Luck, six years later!  Watch it HERE!


For the bandwidth impaired, here are some nice little .wav files I've collected over the years...

Click HERE to hear the sound of the first board pattern, from 1983! Click HERE to hear Peter explain the rules of the game. Click HERE to hear the sound of the third board pattern, from 1985! Click HERE to hear the sound effect of a Whammy appearing for a contestant!
Click HERE to hear the opening music from Second Chance, back in 1977! Click HERE to hear the entire theme to the show! Click HERE to hear a promo for the first episode of Press Your Luck! Click HERE to hear the music used prior to a commercial break!


Yes...there was a song about Press Your Luck.  A group of Notre Dame college students who called themselves the Skalcoholiks came up with a great ditty about the joys of watching the show.  Download and listen to the MP3 HERE!  And if you like the song, email the guys and let 'em know what ya think!  Note that the song does contain one instance of profanity (think: What rhymes with "luck"?), but it's really a great song!

Legal Mumbo Jumbo:  These pictures/videos/sounds remain the property of their respective owners, not me.  They're just here for historical purposes.  No money is made from this labor of love.  If you represent the owners, please don't Whammy me and take my skiis and flatwear away.

Where would you like to STOP! today?

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