More or Less

2/17/07 - Present

More or Less is a car game also played for three additional prizes, and was the second pricing game to premiere in the 35th season on the Price is Right.  The contestant starts with the first smaller prize and must guess if the given price is higher or lower than the actual price.  If s/he gets that right, s/he moves on to the next smaller prize, and then the 3rd smaller prize.  The 4th and final prize is the car.  If the contestant guesses "more or less" correctly on each prize, all 4 are won.  Any mistake ends the game at that point, but any previously won prizes are kept.

This game does not really introduce any new ideas but rather combines portions of existing games.  The staging of the game is very similar to Buy or Sell, while the path through the prizes harkens to Golden Road or Step Up.  Lastly, the higher/lower element of the game is featured in several existing pricing games, such as Bonus Game and Shell Game.

It's More or Less, and here's the Ford Fusion that awaits at the end. The first prize, a treadmill, is that more or less than $750?
She's right, it's definitely more. But this Washer and Dryer was a miss.  She thought it was more when it was less.  No car today, but at least she keeps the first two prizes she won.