Atínale al Precio (Mexico; 1997-)

Paco Hernandez! Baja, a la línea de las cifras y Atínale al Precio!

The Pricing Games of Atínale al Precio!

Background on the Show

Atínale al Precio (loosely translated: "hit/find out the price") premiered on Mexico's XEW-TV ("El Canal de las Estrellas", or, "The Channel of the Stars") in 1997 and has been seen in the early evenings since then. The host, Marco Antonio Rejín (Rejíl?) is a younger (MUCH younger) version of Bob Barker that has also hosted beatuy pageants in Mexico. Both Rejín and the announcer, Jaime Kurt, appeared in the audience of the American Price is Right in September, 1998 as guests of the show. While Bob Barker has his animal rights campaign, Rejín supports his own cause, called "Tele Ton". He wears a Tele Ton pin on every episode and gives a brief explanation of the charity before one of the items up for bids.

The format of the show is identical to that of the American show, with very minor exceptions, such as the lack of a double showcase rule. The show uses only games that have appeared on the American version, and they often bear a striking resemblance to the American versions of those games.

Contestants' Row on the Mexican show is a vast improvement on the American version. Using an "egg crate" motif, the bids appear immediately in a huge font. The words "Atínale al Precio" crawl across Contestants' Row during the opening as well. When Rejín enters the stage, confetti drops from the ceiling on the entire audience.

The big wheel allows for $1,000 wins for hitting the 1.00 (Peso) and $5,000 and $10,000 wins on the bonus spin as well, a la the American version. However, one must recall that there are 8 pesos to the dollar, so a $1,000 win on the big wheel in Mexico is roughly $125!

That may sound cheap, but the show makes up for it during its showcases, which are often just as expensive as their American equivalent and contain a boatload of prizes. One interesting note is that one of the showcases usually contains a bathroom package which comes complete with a toilet and tub! One showcase will usually contain a car or a trip as well, making them worth more than $100,000 in pesos!

The show is an hour long like the American version and uses six pricing games as well. The theme music and come on down music borrow heavily from the American version, although they are not identical.

The Pricing Games of Atínale al Precio!

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