That's Too Much!

April 19, 2001 - Present

That's Too Much! is the second pricing game to premiere in the show's 29th season. The game is played for a car. A row of 10 concealed prices, each one higher than the last, for the car is shown. The object of the game is to find the first price which is "Too Much!"; that is, higher than the ARP of the car. The contestant goes from one price to the next, each time deciding to go on or to say "That's Too Much!", indicating that s/he believes it is the first price to be higher than the ARP of the car. If the contestant stops at a price that is lower than the price of the car or is higher than the price of the car but not the first price higher than the car, s/he loses.

A la One Away, Bob has coined a little custom for That's too Much!  Before the game starts, Bob makes the contestant practice the way s/he will say "That's too Much!"  Almost always, the contestant does not use enough enthusiasm in belting out the phrase, so Bob scolds them to shout it.  If the contestant doesn't exude enough enthusiasm when ending the game by yelling the phrase, s/he is liable to get booed.

It's the premiere of That's Too Much! Otherwise known as That's Too Yellow and Pink for My Eyes. We're playing for a Ford Mustang today. Those dollar signs haven't changed for 29 years.
The first price shown is $10,449...surely it has to be higher than that (i.e., "That's Too Little!") What about $11,950? Nope, he wants to see some higher prices.
Our contestant begins to ponder at $15,206. Is that "Too Much"? His friends' reactions are mixed...the guy on the left must have thought he was auditioning for Showoffs. Nevertheless, the contestant shouts, "That's Too Much!"
Unfortunately for him, That's Just Wrong. The price of the car was $18,315, so he failed to find the one price that was just higher than the ARP of the car... ...which was $19,980, three more prices down from where he stopped.