Mystery Price

1974 (retired)

Another game that, along the lines of Double Digits, was too confusing for its own good. The contestant was offered three prizes that had a similar motif; for example, a car, tires, and a car radio. The car radio would be the "Mystery Price." How did s/he figure that out? Well, the contestant would be shown a small two-digit prize and be asked to bid on it. If the contestant's bid on that prize was equal to or lesser than the actual value of that prize, the contestant won that small prize and the value of the contestant's bid (not the value of the prize), would be put in the bank. If the contestant overbid on the small prize, the small prize was lost and no bid was placed in the bank. If, after four small prizes were shown, the contestant had banked an amount equal or greater to the value of the Mystery Price, the contestant won. You need to watch this one a couple of times to figure out what the heck is going on. Played only a handful of times.

Check out this monstrosity! This is the bank the contestants' bids went into, while the ? mark below contained the Mystery Price.
You bid $29 on the tableware, which is actually $49. You win the tableware and your $29 bid goes into the bank. This contestant had this Mystery Price covered and THEN some! She wins the car, the tires, and the stereo!