Range Game

1973 - Present

A classic game played to this date. A contestant is shown a prize and a range of values (usually constituting a $600 range). A range finder which illuminates an area along the range of values slowly moves up the board. The object is for the contestant to stop the range finder so that it illuminates an area which includes the price of the product. The range finder started as a $50 range, increased to $100, and is now at $150. The contestant has only one chance to stop the range finder and is often tempted to stop prematurely by the cries of the audience. Bob consistently jokes that once the range finder has been stopped it can not be started again for a ludicrous amount of time, such as 37 hours.

About once a season, Range Game will be played for a car.

Set Changes: In addition to the increases in the range finder size, the board went from blue to green in the early '80s. The name "Range Game" was added around 1974 or 1975.

Note the two circles on the left side. The bottom one is the stop button. The circle above remains lit green as long as the range finder is in motion. And check out the tacky extension cord running behind the board. Yikes! Good luck! A $50 range made this game extremely difficult to win.
No wonder this woman looks like she's about to go into labor...she only has a $50 range to work with! That's the stop button she's about to hit. But she's stopped way too early! The price of the prize is clear up at $668.
A $100 range is slightly more bearable... Here's the blue board with the Range Game name added.
The $150 range is standard to this date. Here's the Range Game board we know today.
Here's a split screen shot of the game in progress. When the contestant has friends in the audience, they usually add a third shot of them. I wonder what happened here. Well, even if he is here alone, he wins a $3700 trip to New Zealand!
Yes, that's a $25,570 truck being won on Range Game!!  From the $1,000,000 Spectacular Specials in 2003.