Shell Game

1974 - Present

Shell Game is based on an old carnival game. A contestant is shown a small prize and an incorrect price for that prize. The contestant must guess if that prize is higher or lower than the displayed price. If the contestant is right, s/he wins a chip which can be placed in front of one of four shells. If, after four small prizes are shown, the contestant has placed the chip in front of the one shell that has a ball under it, the contestant wins a bonus prize. If the contestant should guess all four small prizes correctly, naturally the bonus prize is a guaranteed win. In such a case, to add excitement to the game, the contestant can earn a $500 cash bonus for picking the one shell s/he believes houses the ball. 

Set Changes: After the setup of this game had not been changed in the 25 years of its use, it finally got a snazzy update in February, 2001.

This lifelike Rojan bear rug was part of the bonus prize in this playing of Shell Game. Bob would NEVER allow this prize nowadays! Here's the classic Shell Game table and sign!
Mix those shells up well! Bob often mixes so fast that the producers have no idea where the ball is. The contestant earned a chip for guessing that this paint was less than $20.
She's putting her first chip next to shell #2. Most contestants choose shell #1 as their first choice for some reason. Success! The ball was under chip #3!
Wow! Didn't see this coming, did ya? Another shot, from the front.