Shopping Spree

1996 - Present

Shopping Spree is the inverse of Credit Card. Four prizes are shown. The contestant is shown an amount of money s/he must exceed in purchasing the three items. If the contestant picks the three items that allow him/her to exceed this amount, s/he wins all four prizes. One prize, if picked, is so low that it will eventually guarantee a loss. Therefore, this is only one way (one combination of prizes, that is) to meet the spending amount.

Shopping Spree loses points for being about the exact same game as Credit Card. It wins points for its cool setup and ultra-cool price tags. The price tags used in this game are definitely unique to the game and have no equivalent anywhere else on the show.

It's an ARRAY of prizes! How many times can I say that? This washer/dryer combo shows off the ultra cool Shopping Spree price tags.
Our contestant must spend at least $4,000 today. There's a good closeup of the Shopping Spree logo. That sofa is probably a good purchase.
She's got $2,800 left to spend. Yikes. That lawn mower may be too cheap to cover the spending minimum.
She has $2,340 to spend and only one more prize to purchase. There's no way that luggage or washer/dryer is that much. Nope. Game over. The luggage was only $1,800, by the way.