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It's wrong-way Deborah!  Watch it HERE! (2.7 MB)

Classic Clips:

Quite possibly the trippiest commercial EVER.

Watch it HERE! (1 MB)

Something was in the air during this Price is Right episode...

Watch it HERE! (2.5 MB)

Watch Tom Kennedy vamp when an entire Password Plus puzzle is destroyed by an errant video tape operator!

Watch it HERE! (4 MB)

Celestine employs the "Random Shouting Technique" during Clock Game, with limited success...

Watch it HERE! (1.6 MB)

You want to turn away but you just can't.  From Match Game in 1990.

Watch it HERE! (2 MB)

Watch things get a little out of hand on Australian Wheel of Fortune and Price is Right, from 2004.

Watch it HERE! (3 MB)

An episode for the ages: Hollywood Squares, 4/1/03.

Watch it HERE! (4 MB)

More hijinks from Lingo's season 2.

Watch it HERE! (4.2 MB)

It's a Triumph triumph when the Insult Comic Dog starts spewing gold from his puppet mouth on Hollywood Squares!

Watch it HERE! (2.6 MB)

Teamwork is the operative word in this hilarious Wheel of Fortune clip from 2002.

Watch it HERE! (1 MB)

Oh dear.  The best of the worst of Lingo's first season.

Watch it HERE! (4 MB)

Folks, it's called a "Used Letter Board" for a reason.  Watch three college students bumble through a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune from 2002.

Watch it HERE! (1.3 MB)

What the heck is that lady called?  Watch a contestant struggle with the answer on Body Language from 1984!

Watch it HERE! (1.1 MB)

Listen to Gene Rayburn barnstorm his way through the mother of all contest disclaimers on this Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour clip from 1984.

Watch it HERE! (2.4 MB)

Peter Marshall gets zinged twice, by regulars Paul Lynde and Wally Cox.

Watch it HERE! (1.8 MB)

Kathy nearly won $1,000,000 on Big Spin when she thought her ball had landed in the big money slot...find out what actually happened.

Watch it HERE! (2.6 MB)

Two crazy contesants; a hilarious woman on daytime Weakest Link, and a snobby loser on the final episode of The Chair!

Watch them HERE! (2.8 MB)

GSN's Golden Pyramid Awards saluted some of the best moments in Pyramid history, including Billy Crystal's record setting win!

Watch it HERE! (1.6 MB)

A hilarious montage of ridiculous Family Feud answers.  Enjoy!

Watch it HERE! (1.2 MB)

Tom and Whoopi get giggle-crazy in this Hollywood Squares promo from 1999.  Poor Ricky Cheese.

Watch it HERE! (1.5 MB)

Two crazy moments, both from 1985!  Enjoy these clips from Super Password and Body Language, both featuring some crazy clue-related moments!

Watch it HERE! (1.5 MB)

Catch two of my favorite game show one-liners of all time! From $20,000 Pyramid and Bullseye.

Watch it HERE! (1 MB)

Disclaimer: I do not own the production rights to any of these shows (duh). I am merely placing these videos here for the enjoyment of the internet audience. I do not make any money off of them or this page; they're just up here for fun and to show my appreciation to the genre. Please don't sue me. Once you buy a prize it's yours to keep. The prices of the prizes were furnished to the contestants prior to the show and have been rounded off to the nearest dollar. Gift certificates do not include sales tax. Due to a production error, the third puzzle was replaced and the program edited. All trips originate from Los Angeles except the Palm Springs trip which is a tour departing from Orange County. The price of the car may be changed due to availability. This is Jack Clark speaking.

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