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Here it comes! From, it's the 750-picture...

Celebrating 30 seasons of ingenuiety, success (and some failures), this is a salute to the over 80 pricing games that have appeared on The Price is Right since it premiered in 1972!

Check out one of the following links!

Hall of Fame Video Page, featuring video clips of classic Price is Right moments!

A Background on Pricing Games, including little known facts about the games!

The Complete Pricing Game Directory, with information and tons of pictures of every pricing game that has ever appeared on the show! Rat Race added on 6/16/10!

Pricing Games Around the World! Check out the faithful (in most cases!) replications of TPiR pricing games on foreign versions of the show! Now with Bruce's Price is Right!

Outside Links:

Tony's 60-Minute TPiR Site! Definitely a must-see for any Price is Right fan! The ultimate source for anything you want to know about the show!

Episode Summary Page! Did you miss an episode? Catch up here! has some RARE pictures you won't see anywhere else!

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